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zupaTech is a UK-based, technology developer of proprietary business operating platforms, that allow people and businesses to thrive.

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*zupaBiz is launching for demos and trials in Sept 2021.
Live trading from January 2022

The Caternet eProcurement system (powered by Zupa) has been trading in the hospitality sector since the year 2000.

Behind the scenes, we’ve been very busy building our new cloud-based, fully licensed software solution (zupaPlatform), which provides digital transformation for all business sectors, scalable from start-up to enterprise.


ZupaBiz is coming soon; a world-class, SaaS (Software as a Service), licensed platform that will future proof your business operating requirements.

Caternet powered by Zupa
Caternet is here to support you

We have rebranded from Caternet to zupaTech and we are retaining the Caternet (powered by Zupa) brand in the hospitality sector.

We look forward to working with our partners in the hospitality sector to help them reopen and move forward and look ahead to a brighter future.

Zupa is here for the future!

We also look forward to working with new business sectors (including, the supply chain itself), as our new zupaBiz Business Operating Platform can support suppliers as buyers and vice-versa.

Save Time
Save Money

Caternet is available to onboard immediately with eProcurement, EDI and stock for any business sector.

If you are working in the hospitality sector and want recipes (inc. Natasha’s Law) we’re set to go.

Sign up and start trading with Caternet and we will migrate you to zupaBiz free of charge when you are ready in 2022.